Brave 12-Year-Old Girl Sees Creepy Man


Twelve-year-old Jada Miller was playing outside in her neighborhood one day with her friends in Kenosha, Wisconsin when their group spotted something alarming. An adult they did not recognize was leading away a four-year-old named Caylee, and as it turns out, he was trying to abduct her. The girls seemed to sense this right away. While her friend Trinity Stout went to find Caylee’s parents, Jada grabbed Caylee away from her would-be kidnapper and told him that she was leaving. “Caylee was like I’ll be back and then I looked at him and said, ‘no she won’t,’” Jada told a local news station.

The would-be kidnapper was 27-year-old Benjamin Spasogevich-Lee, a local resident who neighbors had always found to be suspicious since he’d moved in several months ago. He would strip down to his underwear while the school bus passed by, and was always asking local kids a lot of strange questions. Even more disturbingly, he once began talking about rape and kidnapping with one of the neighborhood children.

While trying to abduct Caylee, Benjamin had grabbed the child by her wrist, assuming that no one was paying attention. Jada’s decision to approach and confront him directly very likely saved Caylee’s life. She told news reporters that if she had wasted time trying to find Caylee’s parents first, the man may have been successful in his kidnapping attempt. What’s even more amazing is that she didn’t seem to stop to think about her own life at risk, displaying an incredible amount of bravery and forward-thinking.

Jeff Carr, Caylee’s father, said he wanted to go chase after the man himself, but made the decision to call the police instead. The suspect is currently being held on charges of disorderly conduct and the abduction of a child.