Bride And Groom Stand At The Altar, Then Start An Epic Flash Mob That Has 9 Million Views


No matter how old you are, everyone loves to attend a wedding.

There’s something contagious and fun about celebrating new love. Let’s face it, there are plenty of things to love about weddings: there’s dancing, wedding cake and sometimes even an open bar.

Although different weddings have different traditions and ceremonies, the internet has created some of its own viral traditions. One of those is the flash mob, wherein a bunch of people burst out unexpectedly to do some kind of spontaneous performance.

One video in particular has been making the rounds on the internet for just that reason.

The clip comes all the way from Blyth in Nottinghamshire, England.

It was taken at St. Mary and St. Martin’s Church and features the marriage of Gary and Tracy Richardson. As the clip begins, the ceremony seems like any other wedding. After the vicar says a few words, the newlyweds kiss one another as the crowd applauds. After that is when things get a little unusual. Once the two break apart, “Everybody Dance Now” starts playing and the vicar starts busting a move.

Right after that, the bride and groom join in!

As the song continues, more dancers come out from behind the newlyweds and join in on the fun.

After the first song is over, “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang comes on and everyone starts clapping along. By the end of the video, everyone in the church is on their feet and following along with the choreography. Perhaps the funniest thing of all is that once the song ends, the ceremony picks up right where it left off!

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