Bride’s Father Starts A Toast At Her Wedding. Moments Later, Dad’s Tone Has Her Weeping.


There’s something magical about wedding days and other significant ceremonies. It seems that everyone is more emotionally vulnerable, fun-loving, and generally more honest and outspoken regarding how they feel. It’s a time for admitting things and surprising those who mean the most to us.

One bride witnessed her father act very vulnerable when he delivered something unexpected on her wedding day at her reception. At the reception, new bride Nicole Cortez expected her father to start the toast; however once the music turned on, things took an unexpected turn.

Next thing you know, the father begins lip-syncing and signing to “I Loved Her First” by Heartland, and the bride put her hands on her face in complete astonishment.

Nicole herself is not deaf; however, as a language interpreter, this selfless act meant the world to her as one can see by her priceless reaction.

The bride started to cry and could not contain herself. Heavily breathing and hand on chest, it was clear that Nicole was in utter shock and feeling a variety of strong emotions. Even the groom was all smiles and had to wipe his eyes.

It turns out, Nicole’s father had been learning how to sign to “I Loved Her First” for the entire year Nicole was engaged, to give her the surprise of a lifetime.

The plan to surprise the bride on her wedding day was an absolute success! Since we’re honest here, the reactions from both the new husband and wife had me in tears myself.

The video posted of the sweet reception surprise has reached a whopping 26-million views and counting, and we can see why.

Even years after this heartfelt gift, Nicole admits she still cries when she replays the video.

To see the bride and her newly-wedded husband’s reaction to her father’s act, check out the video below.