Bride’s Grandpa’ Makes the Wedding Unforgettable with His Awesome Dance Moves. Watch.


Wedding dances are special, but if the bride decides to take over the floor together with her grandfather, you know you are in for something absolutely unbelievable. The duo below prepared a treat for all the guests at the reception when they took their place in the center of the scene and started dancing to the traditional medley, often played at weddings.

Grandfather looked sharp and stylish in his suit, while the bride was definitely gorgeous in her white gown, but it was not the appearance of the dancers that was drawing the attention of relatives and friends when they first spotted the couple. The elegance they were moving with deserves to be mentioned separately, and when the bride turned around to flash a smile at the guests, everyone was in awe.

Grandpa and granddaughter decided to begin with the traditional part of the wedding dancing program, and the performance in slow motion earned them a wave of applause, but what happens next is worth a standing ovation. The DJ turns on the volume and the contemporary hits can be heard in the background.

It is not something we would expect a senior to do, but the man is busting out pretty impressive moves, and with the bride at his side, the dance becomes even more energetic. He proves that you shouldn’t regard age as an obstacle and should always remain vibrant, even if you are asked to perform at a wedding together with your granddaughter.

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