Brits Get Brutally Honest About Camilla Parker Bowles’ Entry Into Royal Family. After Years Of Inching Her Way In, The British People Hold Nothing Back


Since the beginning of Camilla’s entrance into the Royal Family (she was good friends with Prince Charles before he and Princess Diana began a relationship), she has always been seen as untrustworthy. Once the secretive affair became public knowledge, the world could hardly cope with the betrayal of the future King and the one that he had chosen to be his partner.

Camilla married Prince Charles in 2005. Charles is first in line for the throne and after his dear mother, Queen Elizabeth, passes or decides to retire, Charles will become King. Technically, the reigning monarch’s spouse would receive the equivalent title, making Camilla Queen (Or Queen Consort rather, because she would be the King’s wife). However, the British public is not entirely fond of that title for Camilla.

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