Camera Focused On Bird Bath Captures Amazing Footage Of 30 Hummingbirds, Now It’s Going Viral


The summer weather is finally here at last! Time to get the pools out, get some cocktails made and enjoy some fun in the sun!

Not only is the weather nicer and people’s spirits are lifted, you also get the joys of seeing flowers blossom and animals come out of hibernation. One animal that has caught my attention is the stunning yet tiny hummingbird.

Now, I’ve never seen more than 2 hummingbirds at the same time, but one person set up a camera and managed to capture a full flock of 30!

It’s a hummingbird pool party
Bird baths are always a popular spot for attracting winged wildlife. Especially hummingbirds. But even the guy who set up the camera was stunned by the sheer volume of hummingbirds that made an appearance.

I wish the video was a little longer, I could watch this hummingbird pool party for hours on end! This is definitely the party to be attending if you’re a bird.

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