Cashier Upsets Young Mom


We’ve all been in a situation where we forgot our wallet, underestimated the cost of an item or just need a little extra help. Most of the time, these situations blow over without anyone else getting involved — but sometimes, there are guardian angels looking over our shoulder. For one young mother named Katie Kanefke from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, that guardian angel was a total stranger in Walmart. Carol Flynn stood behind Katie as she and her son checked out their items. Besides a few random objects, Katie’s cart was stuffed with diapers for her children. The diapers were on sale — and as a young mother without extra cash, Katie desperately needed to get the diapers now…

But when the clerk read out Katie’s total, her heart sank. The final cost was well over $100 and far out of her budget. When Katie inquired about the high price, the clerk informed her that the diaper sale was only for one pack, not several. Upon hearing this, Carol stepped up to the counter and offered something that left Katie in shock. This was the ultimate act of kindness and something Katie wasn’t expecting at all.

Instead of allowing the struggling mother to walk out of the store without the diapers, Carol piped up and reached for her wallet. Without Carol’s selfless actions, Katie would’ve been embarrassed, upset and without diapers! Shortly after Carol and Katie left the store, someone posted a video of the encounter online where it quickly went viral. While Carol is happy others are inspired by her actions, she’s unsure about what “going viral” means. See Katie’s reaction several days after her guardian angel intervened in the video here. We need more people like Carol in the world!