Cat disturbs cop while he writes a ticket


Cats are strange creatures. They can be cold and aloof sometimes, and they can be loving and affectionate at others. Despite their detached attitude, they love to snuggle. And if you own a cat, you probably know that it can happen at the most unusual of times. Sometimes your cat approaches you when you are in the bathroom, sometimes they interrupt you when you are cleaning up your room. Once they decide they want something, they take it no matter what.

Officer Keith Urban knows this too well. The poor cop was out during a traffic stop near an old farm in Texas. He was in the middle of writing a ticket to a driver when a fearless little cat decided he wanted to be friends with him. The tiny feline walked right up to Urban and started doing something really hilarious.

The man tried to ignore the cat at first, but to no avail. Cats can be really persistent, can’t they? Wait till you see what followed!

Later, Urban told the paper, “I think the driver of that vehicle was laughing a little bit…And the driver even offered to get out of the vehicle and remove the cat.” The whole thing was recorded from the officer’s patrol car’s dash cam. Watch the clingy, friendly cat below! Has something like this happened to you? Share your thoughts in the comments!