Cat protects toddler from babysitter


The woman was holding a kitten on her lap for those of you who didnt notice. The mother cat thought her baby was hurt by the woman!

An unusually protective cat rushed to a toddler’s defense when he thought the baby was in danger. Security camera footage shows a babysitter playing with the child in the living room. They are playing with a ball when the toddler accidentally knocks her glass to the floor and starts to cry.

Hearing the commotion, the cat races downstairs to see what is going on. Not wanting the baby to step on the broken glass, the babysitter pushes him away. But it appears that the cat assumes the worst and leaps into protection mode! I’ve never seen anything like it! What do you think?

Let’s be honest here….when we stop to think about animals that are willing to lunge into action and save the people they care about from danger, we tend to picture dogs and not cats. However, the cat in this story is out to destroy those stereotypes one daring rescue at a time. While it is definitely rare to hear about cats stepping up during moments of crisis, that doesn’t mean that it never happens. This toddler with playing with a careless babysitter that allowed the child to play ball in the house and if not for this helpful cat, the situation could have turned out far worse.

The toddler ends up knocking over a glass and bursting into tears as a result. The cat was not having any of this in their house and decided that the sitter deserved to feel some of their wrath when it came to this highly important matter. We do not know where this came from but we are still glad to see it.

Once the sitter displayed kindness to the little toddler, the cat finally allowed the attack to cease. Hopefully, the sitter learned a valuable lesson about letting their charges play ball inside of the house and will never make such a mistake again.

We loved watching this cat spring into action and if you enjoyed this protective feline’s antics as much as we did, it is important to share this hilarious video with all of your friends and family members as soon as possible. Spread the wealth and don’t keep this hilarious feline to yourself. Let this be a lesson to those who assume that dogs are the only animals capable of being over protective of their families. We are proud of this kitty and we hope that they got plenty of treats for their efforts.