Cat Visits Bear Exhibit Daily


Families go to the zoo to see wild animals up close – or at least a little closer! You can learn about the different animals and their habitats and see them interacting with each other. One animal that normally on exhibit in a zoo is a cat – I mean a house cat, a tabby or calico kitty. But, the Folsom City Zoo in California has a cat that has moved in!

What exhibit did the cat choose to live in? She has moved in with the bears (seems like a logical choice)!

The cat has been named Little Bear, and she has no fear of her 500-pound companions! Little Bear even shares the bears dog food treats! One of the bears, Sakoa, has been seen resting with Little Bear in the shade!

Take a look at this video.

Sakoa has a new little buddy, and Little Bear has a huge friend! Everyone needs a friend – and they say opposites attract! Share away, people!