Celine Dion Ends Up On Ground After Crazed Fan Storms Stage & Refuses To Take No For An Answer


Sometimes we may think celebrities live a perfect life with all the money and fame they have, but there’s a downside to being in the spotlight. Ordinary people don’t have to worry about that one obsessed fan who might have intentions to do them harm.

Musicians in particular are constantly surrounded by concert groupies, but that’s why bodyguard pepper the perimeter of the stage. No one is supposed to get past these burly bouncers, yet sometimes a very determined fan can sneak by and get within inches of their favorite singer.

Earlier this year, Celine Dion must have felt at least a little bit of terror when a woman stormed the stage during one of her live performances in Las Vegas. When the singer hit the floor, the crowd could do nothing but gasp.

Many of her fans would probably agree that Celine is one of the most classy women out there. But, it can be hard to hold your cool when you’re face to face with a stranger and they suddenly lunge straight towards you.

However, the stranger wasn’t aiming for the singer’s throat – instead, she seemed to want a hug. The strange incident happened when Celine was performing live at Caesars Palace, where she’s in the midst of a 5-year concert residency.

Many people would balk if a total stranger invaded their personal space, but Celine graciously allowed the woman into her inner circle.