Ceremony Is Interrupted By A Voice In The Back


The wedding day is arguably one of the most important days in a couple’s life together. A couple meets, love blossoms, then there is the engagement, and finally, the wedding. All of the development of the relationship and the careful planning of the wedding lead up to a single moment. The venue has been reserved; the flowers have been chosen and bought, linens, food, and cake are ready in the reception space.

The bride has spent the day with those closest to her choosing a beautiful gown, that her husband won’t see until the day of the wedding, and though it will only be worn once, this gown is one of the most important garments she may ever wear.

The day arrives, and she walks down the aisle with all eyes on her, but he only sees her, and the rest of the room disappears. They come together, the ceremony is performed, and tears are shed. The couple finds itself standing at the alter a lot sooner than they think — time flies when you’re planning a wedding.

Even for the couple in this video, time flew, and before you knew it there was an element of surprise at their wedding, that they didn’t see coming — a flash mob put together by their loved ones, for their big day.

As the two are standing at the altar, a well-dressed man in the audience bursts “How Great Thou Art.” The bride and groom are both pleasantly surprised by this impromptu decision (on behalf of the man), but he wasn’t the only member of the act! The bride and groom don’t know this, but more people are involved, and they’re about to find out just who is in on it!

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So, the man in the grey suit had just started his singing when to everyone’s surprise, another man joins in on the song. After him, another gets off his seat and continues singing with the other two. The trend goes on. A fourth audience member comes into the mix with his beautiful vocals, then a fifth and then a sixth. In total, seven men get up and move to the stage in front of the couple and are singing directly to the newlyweds.

The bride is beside herself in tears; it’s quite evident that she is so touched by this surprise. We know that we can speak on behalf both the bride and her groom and say that this gesture, on behalf of their family and friends, is appreciated, and it’s clear through their expressions.

But, the performance didn’t end with the men. As soon as they’ve positioned themselves on the stage, it’s time for the women in the audience to shine. As soon as you think it’s over, there’s another voice that comes from the back, and you see a woman dressed in pink belting out the lyrics to the song.

She is then joined by another set of women, who are sitting closer to the front, and they’re all singing “How Great Thou Art” with the men still holding up their end of the stick. I would love to see something like this live!

This video is a good reminder that sometimes weddings are traditional, and you know what to expect. But, not all weddings are the same. Maybe the couple isn’t traditional, or the wedding isn’t casual. Perhaps it’s just a simple affair at the Court House.

But, the couple in this video appears to have planned the perfect traditional wedding, and nothing ruins to this type of meticulously planned affair like an unexpected interruption. So, when a voice pipes up during the ceremony, your first thought may be of impending disaster, but that’s not the case at all. Instead, the wedding style flash mob of loved ones serenading the couple with a gorgeous rendition of the song is everything they could ask for and more!

As each participant stands and joins in, the moment only grows more spectacular.  Click below and watch it for yourself! Please like and share and this astounding showcase of heartwarming love with your friends and family!