Chicken spots rescuer and darts towards him


For those who have ever come face to face with danger, you would want to show your utmost gratitude for those who may have rescued you from peril. Well, that’s exactly what this chick did.

With over 200 residents of the Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary in Scio, Oregan, the staff aim work on “providing a safe and loving refuge for those who need it most.”

The company has a wide assortment of occupants with a heavy emphasis on farm animals. Cat and dog shelters are a lot easier to accommodate, but sadly, a lot of farm animals get forgotten about.

Camus the Silkie chicken became a resident of the Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary. It has been said that Camus “doesn’t really like anyone, except for the guy who rescued him.”

The video proves that all Caums wants in her daily routine is to see her favourite person.

Have you ever seen such an affectionate chick? I don’t know about you, but Camus’ kind nature definitely melted my heart a little bit.

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