They Were Cleaning This Gorilla’s Pen. Then This Happened. I Can’t Stop Laughing!


This huge gorilla named Kiondo from the zoo Paignton Zoo in Devon, UK, loves to dance and whirl in a ballet. The 15-year-old Primate takes off elegantly in a graceful jump. One of the caretakers of the zoo said that Kiondo arranges a real performance. She not only dances, but also splashes water from the lake, scooping it in a paw, breaks beams of a grass, turns with them and throws on the earth.

It is worth considering that the weight of “ballerina” is not ballet and is 186 lbs. And she loves to jump on grass. It is unlikely that any of us will have bothered to meet king Kong or other fictional huge monkeys in his life. But look at the particularly large specimens can be almost any zoo.

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