Cop Pulls Man Over For Not Having Baby In Car Seat


Announcing a pregnancy to the father is a big deal. Expecting mothers are getting more and more creative with the way they tell the soon-to-be-dads the great news. What this woman did to tell her husband that she was pregnant was completely out-of-the-box.

Nikk Rock wanted a special way to tell her husband she was pregnant, so she sat down and got creative. She asked the Hurst Police Department to help her share the news. Her husband could never have guessed what she had planned.

As the couple was driving down the road, they were pulled over by a police officer. The husband was driving, and he was completely confused about why he had been pulled over. He began to nervously fidget with the radio settings until Nikk told him to relax. As the officer walked up to the car, the couple realized that they knew him. That didn’t seem to calm Nikk’s husband down much.

After a brief exchange, the officer told the husband why he had been pulled over. “I gotta be honest. The reason why I stopped you is you have a child in the car with no child seat,” said the officer, pointing to an empty back seat. It was true, there was no child seat. But the husband didn’t see a child!

“I don’t have a child,” Nikk’s husband explained. The officer asked him repeatedly if he was sure, nodding toward Nikk. She sat in the passenger seat holding up a pregnancy test. After several wordless prompts, Nikk’s husband finally looked over at her. “We do have a child in the car with no car seat!” Nikk exclaimed as she giggled at her husband.

His face immediately lit up as he realized what was happening. For a moment he simply smiled at the pregnancy test in disbelief. Then he held it in his hands to see for himself. “I think that means you’re a daddy, buddy,” the officer said. His partner gave the couple a present for their bun in the oven! A small teddy bear told the father that the baby was due on his birthday. What an incredible birthday present!

The couple laughed together and kissed. They were both so excited for the new life they were creating. This story reminds us how precious the gift of life really is.

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