Cops Question Waitress About Counterfeit Money


Colleen is a hard-working server at Red Robin in Des Peres, Missouri, where she has befriended countless customers in her 12 years there. This wife and mom of four considers her employment at the eatery as her “make a difference job,” and Colleen has done just that. Customers Fran and Greg popped in every day to eat and visit with Colleen. When Fran was diagnosed with cancer, Colleen took time out of her day to stop by their home and check on her, even visiting her in the hospital. After Fran passed away, Colleen decided to set up a special day at the restaurant just to honor Fran.

Greg still comes in every day to Red Robin to dine and chat with Colleen, and was one of many people who had wonderful things to say about the waitress. She has been spotted taking off her shoes and giving them to someone coming in for the next shift because they forgot theirs. She’s given the belt around her pants to others who needed to borrow one. She regularly plans special events for a variety of missions and reasons at the restaurants, benefiting people and organizations.

Because Colleen is a bright light shining at Red Robin, her coworkers decided to surprise her one day. They reached out to the Dude Be Nice project who eagerly jumped on board. Colleen had no clue what was about to unfold on a routine work day. As she walked from the parking lot to Red Robin, she was escorted by two police officers who said, “I’m so sorry Colleen. This is not how I wanted your Wednesday to go.” She thought she was being questioned about counterfeit money until she walked in the door…