Cop’s Stunned When Figure Runs Towards Him On Highway, Realization Has His Blood Running Cold


An officer was traveling down an Oregon highway one night, when the unthinkable occurred. Normally, an officer is looking out for distracted or potentially dangerous drivers along the road.

What one would not expect to see is a pedestrian walking down the middle of a highway lane, specially after the evening covered everything in darkness. But let’s say that if one did see a pedestrian in the middle of a lane, you certainly would never expect it to be a small child.

But to his horror, that’s exactly what Deputy Jeremy Gautney saw. He could not believe what he was seeing.

The police car slowly comes to a stop as the officer gazed at the sight in front of him. What he was seeing is now a warning to every driver on the road: You never know what unexpected condition you may find yourself in.

A tiny child, washed out by the headlights of his car, came running towards him. The officer got out of his car and immediately scooped up the unaccompanied child.

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