Couple Adopted Their Dying Neighbor’s 3 Children


Stories like this always fill the hearts of the viewers with joy.

Audrey was a single mother, and one night she had to go to the local hospital to receive a treatment. She knew what was coming, and the doctors told her she has lethal disease. She was raising three kids at a time, and she needed someone to look after them when she is gone.

Kevin and Tisha were Audrey’s neighbors, and she asked them to take care of the children, because she did not have the ability to do so any longer. This heartbreaking story was not going to end happily, but the couple agreed to do this to Audrey’s amazement.

Tisha was brought up in the foster home, and she knew what it was like to make friends when you are among strangers and the feeling of isolation is overwhelming.

She had this experience in life, and she didn’t want Audrey’s children to feel the same, so she called her husband immediately.

He agreed to take care of the little ones, and Tisha was happy beyond words. When we hear about stories like this, we can only think of kindness that exists in this world and the true feelings of people who take the responsibility.

Now, Kevin and Tisha are parents, and they need to give all the love they have to the children. What do you think? It’s really moving, and the video may cause an emotional overload.

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