Couple Can’t Pay Restaurant Bill


Restaurant wait staff are some of the most underappreciated and underpaid people on the planet. As you can probably imagine, it’s not an easy job having to please customers every single minute of the day.

Working for tips can sometimes make it seem like you’re working for peanuts. Wait staff’s feet will ache from being on them for hours upon hours.

Chelsea Roff is a waitress who works at Spring St. Smokehouse and although she always has a smile on her face, sometimes a customer can make her cry, especially when they tell her why she’s not getting a tip. If anyone deserves a break, it’s Chelsea.

This young woman has raised her sister since she was a little girl, she’s battled with an eating disorder and she even runs a non-profit organization that helps others overcome their own eating disorders through the practice of yoga. Although Chelsea struggles financially, you can tell by her glowing expression that she is truly a happy person on the inside.

Chelsea even maintained her composure when a couple politely told her that they only had just enough money to pay for their meal, with nothing leftover for her. Even though she relies on tips to pay the bills, she showed this couple compassion for their predicament.

Yet when the couple offered Chelsea an incredible alternative to a cash tip, she was stunned! Earlier in the day, someone else had left a surprise wad of cash on her table, which she instantly wanted to split with all of her coworkers.

Chelsea didn’t know what was going on with her customers that day! We’ve all heard of the concept of “paying it forward.”

Well, this is a positive prank that is paying it forward to Chelsea in more ways than one. She lost it when the truth unraveled before her eyes.

Watch the video below to see Chelsea have the best shift ever!