Couple Lives Inside Old White Van


In August 2014, a young couple decided they no longer wanted to struggle in order to pay for rent and basic needs. By the time the end of the month would roll around and all of their bills were paid, they found they’d have no spending money leftover; they felt they weren’t truly enjoying their lives together.

Adam, 30, and Nikki, 33, spent an entire year converting an old van into their dream home after the cost of renting became too much to bare. The UK couple both gave up their traditional 9-to-5 office jobs in favor of a new unconventional lifestyle.

Adam and Nikki bought an extra-large white Ford Transit Luton on Ebay for $4,500. While living with their parents, they spent another $6,500 converting the van into a fully-functioning apartment.

The couple did everything completely by themselves, and had no building experience whatsoever. In fact, it was the first time Nikki had even picked up a drill. They simply learned as they went, watching instructional YouTube videos and figuring it out on their own.

Now, the back of the van has everything they need, including a kitchen, toilet, shower, windows, a bedroom, insulation… and even a porch!

Adam and Nikki now intend to spend at least a whole year traveling across Europe — and they’ve decided they may never return to a “normal” lifestyle again.

Watch the video below to see what Adam and Nikki’s van-turned-house looks like. Could you live here?

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