Cow gives birth to 4 calves at once


Beautiful and unexpected. That is what nature is. Take a look at the cow in this video given below. This cow from Jim Barlings’ farm in Northeast Texas is called Number 15. When you first take a look at her, she looks like an ordinary cow. But this normal looking cow shocked the entire community with what she did next.

Number 15 gave birth to very rare quadruplets. According to statistics, the chance of a cow delivering four calves at once is one in 11.2 million! The adorable calves have been named Eeny, Meeny, Miny, and Moo, and they are all healthy. It is difficult for the mother to take care of four calves at once, but the Barlings have received much-needed help from their community as well.

They interviewed the vet who helped after the calves were born. He claims he didn’t do anything.

Three of the calves were already born before anyone even saw Number 15 was in labor. The calves were small and fragile when born, but alive, and mom is doing well. She must be exhausted.

With the help of neighbors, all four calves are growing and getting bigger. They’ve had 24-hour care since being born, including many bottle feedings. I don’t know if the mother is nursing even one of them, but I am curious. These little calves are pretty cute.

Watch this incredible story below! Have you ever seen anything like it? Be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments section!