Cow Lost Her Baby


It doesn’t matter whether a momma has four legs or two, if something’s wrong with her baby, it breaks her heart.

Even when livestock mommas are separated from their babies, they can respond with an overwhelming sense of grief and anxiousness. Such was the case for Karma, a cow rescued by The Gentle Barn animal sanctuary.

The animal sanctuary had no idea that Karma’s previous owners actually hid her baby called Mr. Rojas from the sanctuary’s workers just so they could sell him after she left. Karma was heartbroken after being separated from her baby and could even be heard crying all night searching for him. That’s when rescuers decided to step in…

They knew they had to find Mr. Rojas for Karma’s sake. They returned to where she had lived and demanded the people give them Mr. Rojas so he could be with his momma who had missed him desperately.

When the trailer toting Mr. Rojas pulled into the sanctuary, Karma instinctively knew that her precious baby was on board. She began calling out to him and the second that baby stumbles out of the trailer, weak, starving and mistreated, the guttural sound Karma makes will break your heart. Watch the video below to see their incredible reunion.

Be advised that it may bring you to tears, but is such a beautiful example of the love a momma feels for her baby.