Cowboy herding cats commercial may just be the best we’ve seen


Usually, we wouldn’t recommend watching a commercial, but this one is something special. It has cats. And cowboys. And cowboys valiantly attempting to herd said cats. Need we say more?

This amazing commercial opens in the Wild West, with a cute cowboy explaining that he comes from a long line of cat herders. Then it follows the lives of these cat herders, from being clawed in the face, to coaxing cats through streams, to lint rolling their clothes every night. Sounds like every day for us!

We instantly relate to the phrase “it’s as difficult as herding cats,” but where does it come from? According to Wiktionary, it may originate from a Monty Python movie in 1979, where he speculates on how difficult it would be to herd cats waiting to be sheared. Who knew!

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