Crowd Confused By Bizarre National Anthem Until Twist At The End Leaves Them Gasping In Disbelief


No one knew what to expect with Joe Everson stepped onto the basketball court to sing the national anthem. Accompanied by a large canvas and an assortment of paints, the audience has no idea what the man has planned. It doesn’t take long for their jaws to drop in disbelief at what happens next, as Joe captivates the crowd with his incredible and unusual talent.

As the music begins, Joe’s powerful voice can be heard flooding the speakers. As the Mizzou fans watch from the edge of their seats, they can’t help but notice a strange scene unfolding on the basketball court below them. Clutching a paintbrush in each hand, Joe simultaneously sings and paints at once while thousands of eyes remain locked on the mystery canvas in front of him.

Nearing the end of “The Star Spangled Banner,” his work of art remains a complete mystery. It is nearly impossible to decipher the image on the canvas, and with only seconds left in the song no one knows what to think. It isn’t until he belts out the final verse that something magical happens. Watch the unbelievable unveiling of his incredible masterpiece in the video below – this is just incredible!