Cute Miniature Horse Is Just 3 Days Old, But He Will Melt Your Heart Instantly!


A small horse decided play. And most of all, it interested people. So they run in a circle. The most interesting thing that young horses often attract the interest of users. but this honorary title fight as many as three contenders: charming horse named Bella, a foal Einstein and the horse Thumbelina (in 2006, listed in the Guinness book of records). Who of them is really worthy of the title of the smallest horse?

Tumbelina (it is sometimes called Thumbelina) was born in 2001. She was born with a weight of about 4 kilograms on an American farm that specialized in breeding small horses. Thumbelina a representative of a breed of dwarf horses. But the newborn the dimensions were almost 2 times less than its counterparts.

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