Dad Cuts Open A Wasp Nest


Apparently, you can buy anything on Ebay – even a wasp nest. We may not have ever known this if it hadn’t have been for one Dad and son duo who dedicate their YouTube Channel to opening things up as science projects.

In this episode of “What’s Inside,” they want to find out “what’s inside” a wasp nest. If ever you have wondered this as well (but have been too fearful to try it yourself), then get ready to have the mystery solved.

In the beginning of the clip, we meet the hosts of the show, Dan and his son Lincoln (and also his friend Kai). They have ordered a wasp’s nest from Ebay, which came all of the way from Wisconsin.

When they open up the box, they reveal a massive nest that is the size of a basketball. Although you would think that it was wasp-free after all of the traveling, Dad is still a little weary to open it up in the house (and we don’t blame him!).

But, in the name of science – he takes his chances and starts sawing the nest with a knife. The boys eagerly sit by and await the discovery of what’s inside that wasp nest.

After quite a bit of slicing and dicing the next, the boys’ response to what’s lurking inside the nest is awesome. They cannot believe what they’re seeing!

Each of the boys takes a half and examines it closely. They seem to be awestruck by what lies within the wasp nest.

The camera then pans to the piece that Dad is holding. He walks through what they’re seeing for the audience’s benefit.

Then Dad decides to taunt and tease the kids a little by telling them he found a live wasp and waved it in their direction. They freaked just a tiny bit and jump backwards, scurrying away.

This nest was the size of a basketball thereabouts and contains scientific marvels inside. It’s fascinating what they see!

Are you curious about what exactly they found “inside” a wasp nest? Who knew that they looked like this?

If you have never looked inside a wasp nest, you need to watch this video. The interior is truly shocking to see.

Be sure to watch the video to find out! It’s intriguing!