Dad Got A Prescription For His 2-Year-Old child


We’ve all been there…up all night and curled into a ball under the covers, because those scary monsters under the bed might nip off your big toe if you let it dangle too long. Whether you’re a small tot or a big-kid-at-heart, we all need something a little bit magical to help us get a good night’s sleep. Or at least give us enough time to jump-run to the bathroom before pole vaulting back into bed!

When his daughter Mya was so afraid of monsters that she couldn’t get to sleep at night, this crafty dad from British Columbia got a prescription from the pharmacy to rid the room of the pesky creatures for good!

Or at least make them drowsy enough so that animal control could take them away.

Wow, this heavy duty stuff is good for dousing at least 120 monsters! Plus, it comes with one refill in case they don’t get the hint and decide come back.

Watch as the tables have turned and the monsters now fear the “terrible two” year old with a prescription strength elimination spray.