Dad teaches his twins to pray


It is said that a baby’s brain is like a sponge. With patience and a little determination, they can learn many things. You can teach them lots of things during their early years. The video featured below shows one example. The adorable twins in the clip can recite the Lord’s Prayer by heart. Dad asked them to recite it for him one day. And his precious daughters didn’t waste any time and got right into it. But when mom arrived home, they got really distracted, and the result is hilarious.

Dad holds them back and asks them to recite it for him together. At the beginning, one of the little girls, Nicole, can’t keep up with her sister. So towards the end, she just starts blabbering away “and forgive us our trespasses”. A vocal war ensues for a moment, after which poor Natalie tries to get a word in but just can’t. The antics of these precious twins is going to leave you with a big smile on your face sure! I am still in stitches!

The way Nicole and Natalie say the Lord’s Prayer, which found in the Bible in Matthew chapter 6, aloud is without a doubt going to make your day. It is evident that they have gone over this passage before, since they are quick to give in to their dad’s simple request. But their own flare to the prayer has made many laugh out loud on the internet.