Dad Tells His Dog He Can’t Have His Sandwich


Dogs are some of the greatest friends you will ever make in your life. They provide you with the best of company and they fit in perfectly with you and your family. With good training, they can do almost anything. But no matter how disciplined a dog is, they just can’t hold back themselves when it comes to food. If you have owned a dog before, you probably know how greedy they get when they see food nearby. Even the best-behaved dog goes nuts at the prospect of food.

Everyone loves food and our doggie friends are not an exception. Canines are actually some of the biggest food enthusiasts on the planet world. Because of their powerful nose, they become aware of what you are eating and they immediately plant themselves right by the side of your leg, hoping to get a bite. Take a look at the video below for example.

This man was trying to eat his sandwich in peace, but when you have three dogs in the house, it becomes next to impossible.

The video features three sweet dogs. One of them is called Dinky, the other is Romeo, and the little one is named Peanut. When these pooches saw their father eating his sandwich, they went up to him without wasting anytime. Romeo and Peanut tried to convince him into giving them his sandwich through their cuteness, but Dinky on the other hand is totally different. The giant dog reprimands his dad for not sharing the food and then throws the cutest tantrum ever! Check out this funny clip below!