Daughter hears her Navy dad’s name being announced


Very touching moment! I was crying while watching this video! God bless them all! So just read and look about this below! Enjoy!

Adults are not the only ones who are busy, as children too can become busy in one way or the other. For instance, Hayley McGregor, a kid of 7 years old has been tied up of late. She has been dedicating herself over the past weeks in cheerleading, witnessed her brother being born and also studying hard to obtain excellent grades.

When the time came for her to perform together with her cheerleading group, at a football match, she was thrilled but at the same time depressed.

The cause of the depression is that she was missing her dad too much. Her father was a Navy in the USA, and had been deployed in Afghanistan for more than 7 months. So, on this big day, she never knew that her dad was around watching her do her dancing routine.

After finishing the performance, she was more than shocked to hear her father’s name being announced through the speakers. Her reaction was to stare at her mother who was standing at the edge, then ran to her and embraced her while tears were rolling down her cheeks. Her mother shook her and directed her with the hand to her dad who was approaching towards them.

She then hugged her dad in a manner that clearly showed how she had missed him so much. Apart from meeting his daughter, he was able to meet his newborn baby too. Hayley then bolted for her dad in one of the most beautifully touching videos imaginable.