Deer appears in back yard and tries to show the owners something, then they immediately call 911


I’m always fascinated when I see wild animals up close. I’ve been lucky enough to see both moose and deer at close range. Whenever that’s happened, I just stop and remain as quiet as possible so as not to scare them away.
But for police officer Kevin Zieschang and one deer named “Uncle Buck” from Texas, USA, there was no need to remain silent. As this was a deer that in fact was not at all afraid of people. In fact, he went to them for help instead.

It all began when Buck showed up in a yard in a residential area in Texas.

Upon a closer look, the homeowner noticed something was stuck on the deer’s antler. Knowing he wouldn’t be able to help the deer by himself, he placed a call to the police for help.

Officer Kevin Zieschang arrived at the scene and patiently helped Buck remove the debris stuck on his horn. When they were finished, Buck remained in the yard for a while, seemingly in no rush to get back home.

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