She Didn’t Want Plain Rice Krispie Treats – But THIS I Never Would Have Thought Of


Need a quick and cheap dessert, but don’t have a lot of time to bake? Look no further my frugal friend! Check out these incredibly delicious recipes to spice up an ooey gooey all-time favorite – Rice Krispie Treats! Now, these can’t be found on the back of a box!

And yes, you can still dip them in milk! For the recipe on this classic cookie treat, go here.

If they are only bite size, I hear they have zero calories. Click here to make these yummy little peanut butter balls.

This is nearly too good to be true. I better try one to make sure… Go here for the full instructions.

Rice Krispie Treats for breakfast are totally acceptable if you call them a cinnamon roll, right? Go here for the full recipe.

Treats to impress any crowd! Follow these steps to make these blueberry beauties!