Dillie the Deer brings love into an Ohio home


With a stage 4 cancer diagnosis, Melanie Butera had few prospects for the future. But she never expected something this magical to come into her life. A fawn that showed up on her doorstep, comatose and on the brink of death, turned into the most unexpected companion. Butera’s book, “Dillie the Deer: Love On Hooves” chronicles the strange, unexpected journey she and her husband have gone on with this miracle deer, detailed in the video below.

“At that time, we didn’t even believe she was going to survive the night. Yet she was destined to push herself into our hearts and home forever,” Butera wrote. After recovering, she found herself allowed to move into the Butera-Heathman home as she didn’t seem to like being in the barn, according to Ohio’s Newsnet.

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