Down Syndrome Girl Unaware She’s Being Teased


Although Lincoln Middle School athletes Scooter Terrien, Chase Vazquez, and Miles Rodriguez don’t see themselves as different from anyone else, it’s obvious just how special their friendship really is. Miles’ father jokingly calls the teens the “three stooges” but most others refer to them as the “three musketeers.”

It was their musketeer-like team spirit that earned them the Musial Awards for Sportsmanship, but they didn’t actually win it because of their athletic prowess. It was their act towards bullies that earned them the recognition they deserved.YouTube

The 14-year-olds love to play on the basketball court. But like many teenage boys, they’re also interested in courting girls.

There’s one girl in particular, Desiree Andrews, who has stolen their hearts. The cheerleader has Down Syndrome, and although words can sometimes fail her, she lets her dancing and music do all the talking.

Desiree is the happiest person these boys have ever known, and they’ll do anything to protect their friend. So, when Scooter, Chase, and Miles spotted a group of bullies on the sidelines heckling Desiree as she was cheering, they developed a new game plan that was as quick as it was powerful.

Although the teens were known for taking shots, this time they were taking a stand. With the whole school watching, everyone felt their jaws drop as the sight unfolded.

The bullies were soon taught a lesson about how it feels to be on the losing team! It only took a moment, but their sweet actions had a lasting effect on Desiree, and especially Desiree’s dad.

The boys’ fathers are also beaming with pride for raising their sons right. Making a difference in the world is what it’s all about, and when your own dad says that you’re a hero then you know you’ve done something good… really good!