Easy way to shuck corn


Do you love warm, crispy, juicy corn and want to eat it right now? There is a great way to cook corn without boiling a large pot of water and without kindling the grill, corn can be cooked simply in the microwave.

If the corn does not remove the husk, it will be prepared as a couple, keeping all nutrients. Thus, the corn will be ready very quickly, and the dishes will be clean. After reading this article, you will learn how to do it.

Select a fresh cob from which the husk has not been removed. This kind of corn can be found in summer in a vegetable shop, in a farmer’s shop or on the market. And you can grow corn yourself, if you like gardening. No matter where you find the corn, it’s important that it’s ripe and in the husk.

Here’s how to determine the ripeness of corn: Check corn stigmas (hairs that envelop corn), they should be brown and sticky, not dry and yellow. Brown, sticky stigmas mean that the corn is ripe.

Carefully pull back the husk and press on the corn. It should be poured and firm, but not rigid as stones. Put the cob in the microwave. In most microwave ovens put 3 cob for the 1st time.

If you have a large microwave that can fit into it and a larger number of cobs. But to corn evenly prepared, the cob should lie freely, closer to the middle, without touching each other.