Elderly Man Drops His Hat On The Street, Now Keep Your Eye On The Crowd


You can never tell where life might take you. You might think you’ve figured it out, but you might wake up one day and want to turn your life around! Martin Hurkens is a perfect example of this. He is an Opera singer, who rose to fame after winning Holland’s Got Talent in 2010. He sounds like he was born to sing because he has the voice of an angel. But for the most part of his life, he worked as a baker! How he turned his life around is unbelievable.

A baker by profession, Hurkens had always been passionate about singing. He as even accepted to a music school in Brunssum, and he had even won a scholarship. But he somehow lost it all, after which he continued his baking profession. But after 35 years, he lost his baking job too. Things looked low for him, but that is when Martin took to the streets to sing for small crowds of people to support his family.

He then participated in “Holland’s Got Talent”. It was hard to compete with young people and their energy, but his heavenly voice eventually went on to win him the title. With a voice like that, he certainly deserved to win. Martin still sings on the streets to stay true to his roots and never forget where he started. The following video shows him singing “You Raise Me Up” in the middle of a cobblestone street, and his audience was totally mesmerized by him!

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