Electrician Horrified To Find Dead Horse


Some people train their pets to do all sorts of cool and funny tricks.

Among the classics is teaching your dog to play dead. But did you know that other animals also enjoy playing dead?

The horse in this video sure does. An electrician working at a home in Keren, Texas was horrified when he discovered that the homeowner’s beloved horse was dead.

He had found him lying on his back, motionless in his corral.

Dreading the moment, the electrician approached the homeowner to deliver the sad news. But the owner didn’t respond the way he’d expected.

The homeowner laughed as the electrician shared the news. Then she shared with him that the horse loves to “play possum.”

Not believing her, the homeowner had to take the electrician back to the corral where the “dead” horse had been found to show him something.

Check out this video and see the hilarity all for yourself!