Elephant Desperate For Car’s Attention


Elephants are naturally nervous around humans. They prefer to spend their days surrounded by their herd, not in the company of people who have proven to be unpredictable in the past. So, it’s not like wild elephants to walk nearly within touching distance of an unfamiliar vehicle!

But this one was in so much pain that nothing really mattered anymore except to ask for help. When the elephant came unusually close to a vehicle, the local veterinarian inside knew something was off…

The elephant’s obstruction forced the doctor into a strange position and he to decide right then and there what to do. Noticing the persistence of the elephant, the veterinarian knew he had to act immediately if he wanted to save the creature’s life!

Unfortunately, the elephant had an infected bullet wound at the top of its head and, as the days passed, the outlook became more and more grim…

Thankfully, the veterinarian in this situation was trained and capable of at least attempting to help the elephant who seemed to be in so much pain. Once the team got out of the vehicle to try to figure out the problem, the sad truth was revealed.

It was no wonder the elephant was willing to search for help when something was so terribly wrong. The wound at the top of its head was horribly infected and obviously painful. All the elephant wanted was some help from the only group of people who could make its pain going away!

After being tranquilized for the medical staff’s safety, the elephant was now in the hands of people who were willing to help. However it seemed like their willingness could only go so far – it was unclear whether or not treatment could stop the spread of infection and get the desperate elephant back on the road to recovery.

First, the team had to figure out exactly what the problem was before they started a treatment plan. To their utter astonishment, they discovered that the bullet was actually lodged deep in his skull, and saving him would require surgery.

The team moved quickly…. They knew they needed to remove the bullet, and fast! In not, the elephant could suffer even more and eventually pass away from the infection that was getting dangerously close to its brain.

The bullet was extremely close to ending this elephant’s life, and though it was not fatal, it still caused him so much misery. Hunters may have attempted to end this wondrous creature’s life, but willing hearts were there to try and save him.

Through their compassion and dedication to the elephant’s health, they were able to prevail. The bullet wound was treated with antibacterial medicine and the elephant was closely monitored over the following months to ensure that the healing process was successful!

Watch the way this elephant’s life spreads a story of bravery in the video below. We wish it a full recovery!