Elephant Is Rescued After 50 Years Of Abuse, He Weeps Tears Of Joy When He’s Freed


The hero of this touching story is a 50-year-old Raju elephant. During his life, it was resold as many as 27 times. After 50 years of torture and starvation, he was finally released in an unprecedented operation.

The latest pet owner chained him in spiked shackles that constantly hurt the flesh of the elephant, not letting him get far. The owner also did not feed the animal, giving this occupation to tourists. It goes without saying that such a large animal could not be soaked in rare handouts, so he had to eat waste: paper and even chew plastic. One day Wildlife SOS organization found out about the animal.

They gathered a group of veterinarians and specialists in the treatment of wild animals. They were also assisted by local volunteers and environmental workers. In total there were 30 people.

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