Elephant Spent 11 Hours Digging A Hole


Elephants do not always receive the credit that they deserve for their intelligence and compassion. They are some of the most amazing creatures that have ever walked the planet and to be perfectly honest with you, we are blessed to even share the terrain with them. A story like this one serves as a valuable reminder that these animals are far more intuitive than we realize.

There is a common misconception that they are big and plodding creatures who do not process emotion. Their size belies the deep feelings that they experience and when this mother elephant was facing one of the most challenging and heartbreaking situations that any parent can ever go through. While some thought that she was digging this hole for the sake of digging, the truth is much more heartbreaking.

When this mother’s calf fell into a well, she was not willing to leave the child behind and we commend her commitment to rescuing her baby. She started to dig the hole with the use of her trunk and utilized her feet to finish the process. Unfortunately, the mother did not realize that she was only exacerbating the problem by pushing more mud into the hole.

Little did she know that she was slowly smothering the child and keeping the hole from being dug properly.

The baby became trapped at 9 PM and this determined mama kept digging throughout the night and was still digging at 8 AM the next morning. We cannot even begin to imagine the sort of strength and determination that this elephant had to muster in order to sustain that kind of effort for that long.

Once the people who lived in this area heard the distress cries that were coming from this mother and her baby, they rushed to the scene immediately to offer much needed aid. Would you like to find out more about how this story played out? If so, you are going to want to check out this awesome clip for yourself. We do not wish to ruin the ending, but suffice it to say that this mother’s efforts were certainly not in vain.

If you love animal rescues as much as we do, then be sure to watch this clip in its entirety and pass it along to the other animal lovers in your life. They will definitely this mama elephant and all of the hard work that she put in.