Endangered tiger goes into labor


If you didn’t know, there are only 300 to 400 Sumatran tigers left in the wild.
This makes them one of the most critically endangered species on the entire planet.

Widespread poaching and increasing deforestation have contributed to the tiger’s decline in their natural habitat of Indonesia.

So, whenever a new Sumatran tiger cub is introduced to the world, it’s a big deal (even if it happens in a zoo).

However, zookeepers weren’t expecting Melati to do what she did after giving birth…
At the ZSL London Zoo, after 108 days of pregnancy, Melati did indeed give birth to a healthy new baby.

Her partner, Jae Jae, joined Melati in the den and carefully tended to the newborn. Happy zoo staffers thought it was over.
But suddenly, the cameras they set up to capture the exciting event started to show something new…

Melati apparently wasn’t done.

An hour after the birth, Melati looked a little uncomfortable, so she lay down again. Zookeepers were a little concerned…

Was it the aftereffects of a difficult birth? What could be wrong?
Oh, nothing. She was just going into labor again!

That’s right, Melati soon gave birth to a second cub and more importantly, a twin. This almost never happens in tiger land.