Experts issue warning after plant found in Virginia that can cause blindness and 3rd degree burns


An extremely dangerous plant has been spotted in Virginia, USA, with residents encouraged to report if and when they see it.

Giant Hogweed has been found in the state, with people being warned over the potentially severe consequences it can induce if interacted with. According to reports, Giant Hogweed can cause 3rd degree burns and blindness, with the Isle of Wight Country, Virginia, Facebook page stating it “makes Poison Ivy look like a walk in the park”.

The plant has several dangerous properties, with residents urged to spread a warning to alert others to its presence…

As per reports, the plant’s sap is particularly toxic. If contact is made between sap and skin, it can cause the skin to become ultra-sensitive to sunlight. As a result, normal exposure to the sun’s rays can be so harmful as to cause 3rd-degree burns.

The sap can also raise large blisters on skin – those which can leave horrible scarring. Once exposed, your skin can remain sensitive for several years.

On top of that, the sap can bring about permanent blindness if it gets into someone’s eyes. Damage can often be irreparable, so it’s no surprise that the Commonwealth of Virginia is treating the invasion with extreme caution.

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