Family Relax In Pool, But Then Suddenly Freeze When An Unlikely Visitor Decides To Join Them


If you’re considering vacation in Africa, there are few unique things you need to pay attention to. One of them apparently is that (un)wanted visitors can crash your pool party at any moment.

What the heck.

Lying by the pool and taking a leisurely swim is often the part of a holiday that most people look forward to before they go. As this family enjoyed their vacation at the Elephant Sands in Botswana, they had a visitor gatecrash their pool time, making for a holiday moment they would never forget.

Hearing a rustling in the bushes, the family braced themselves for whatever creature may come their way and unbelievably, out of the bushes stepped a gentle giant; an elephant. The enormous creature walked casually up to the pool side and, after assessing the humans as safe to be near, it joined in the fun.

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