Fans Are Confused Seeing Tiny Cheerleader Cry During Announcement Until She Makes A Run For It


Over the past 7 months, life for 7-year-old Hailey McGregor has taken some getting used to. Her mother welcomed a new baby brother to the family making her a big sister but on top of that her father, an officer in the United States Navy, was deployed oversees. Hailey isn’t used to not having her dad around so the drastic change has been a big adjustment for her.

Hailey spends her time cheerleading and going to school. On this particular night, she didn’t suspect anything different about the football game she was going to cheer in that night. She stands on the field with her team and is ready to jump into her routine when the loudspeaker comes on with an announcement. It takes just a few seconds for Hailey to hear the name they announce when she realizes it’s one she recognizes. There, with the crowd watching, Hailey hears her fathers name and in an instant is hit with a range of emotions going from happy, shock and finally to tears streaming down her face.