Farmer Takes Footage Of His Sheep


Prepare to be amazed by the sight of hundreds of sheep being herded through the green pastures of New Zealand. In the video, it captures what it looks like from up above when these creatures are taken from one field to the next…and believe it or not, it’s absolutely breathtaking to watch.

The footage is taken by an aerial photographer and pilot named Tim Whittaker. As he flies his plane, he films the mass herd of sheep moving across the grass by dogs. The sheep all look like little white specs from the sky, which follow each other closely as they stampede to their new location. What is most beautiful is that with each movement – it gives off the appearance of a kaleidoscope. The waves of sheep draw your eyes in as they make unique designs across the luscious field.

It’s incredible to watch as the sheep change from slow to fast motion, as well as from a wide-spread group to very close together. A highlight of the video is when the herd bottle necks through an open gate. Wow, talk about mesmerizing! Get ready for a special treat – because watching sheep move across the beautiful land of New Zealand is really something that will blow your mind.