Farmers Young Donkey, Elvis


Running a farm is one of the hardest jobs. They work from sunup to sundown to take care of crops and their animals.

The farmer in this story has a two-week-old donkey he named Elvis. One morning the farmer woke up and went out to do his chores. He went to check on the donkey, but couldn’t find Elvis anywhere.

Being a newborn, Elvis would get sleepy and take naps anywhere he was standing, so the farmer wandered the property looking for him.

Elvis got up a couple of hours earlier than the farmer each morning, so he could be just about anywhere. Having been up that long, it was most likely that Elvis was ready for a nap, so the farmer was looking in his usual napping spots.

When he didn’t find him, he headed back toward the house and that’s when he spotted Elvis on the front porch in his new napping spot.

This is what he walked up to…

There Elvis was snoozing away; he had somehow managed to get in the HAMMOCK! First thought is, those things are so hard to get into, how in the world did the little guy manage this?

Apparently, the farmer was just as shocked and pulled out his phone to record the sleeping baby. Watch below to see the hilarious recording he captured.