Fast Food Worker Stands Near Door Leaving Customers In Chills With Words Out Of His Mouth


We’ve all heard stories about things happening in fast food restaurants – that well, aren’t just about eating! From random acts of kindness to amazing rescues – they seem to be locations where you never know what you’re going to experience. When customers walked into a Chick-fil-A one day to eat, little did they know they were going to be getting more than a hot meal. In fact, it was going to be dinner and a show!

Because it was Veteran’s Day, Chick-fil-A employee Dontarius Jamel Young decided to honor those who served our country by performing a song in front of the entire restaurant. He chose the incredibly fitting tune, “Proud to be an American” – which causes a lump in many people’s throats anytime they hear it. Dontarius stood near the doorway where everyone could see him. He then opened his mouth and began belting out the words. Not only was the song perfect, but oh boy, can Dontarius sing!

The restaurant patrons sat and stood quietly listening to his rendition of the meaningful song. It’s obvious Dontarius put his heart and soul into the performance – even using his hands to express himself while he sang. Watch the video below to see the touching tribute for yourself. Just be ready for the goosebumps