Father Was Preserving His Son’s Memorial In Secret


Chevron Gas needed to fix up a property that they owned, but before they embarked on their repairs, they had to solve a long-standing mystery. For 12 years, the fence around the land had an elaborate memorial with flowers erected around it, but no one had ever seen who was responsible. They just knew it was being done with much love and care. So, they posted a note hoping to hear from the anonymous caretaker and they did.

It turns out the memorial was maintained by Raymond Olson, who lost his son many years ago to a drunk driver. He didn’t want anyone to know it was him, as he feared someone may tear down what he had made and he wanted to keep the memory of his son alive.

But Raymond never imagined what the big company and folks in the neighborhood would team up to do. Their touching gesture not only honors Raymond’s lost son, but his steadfast loyalty too.