Figure Skater Strikes A Pose


No one knew what to expect when the tiny tot took the ice, but it doesn’t take long for them to fall completely in love with the adorable little figure skater. Riana Kadyrova may only be three, but the sweet Russian girl is already making a name for herself in the skating world – and when you see the video you will instantly understand why.

Figure skating since the age of two, the adorable little toddler was already beaming with confidence. Having learned the craft from her talented mother, it is no surprise that the pint-sized skater is already a natural. Donning a red and white dress, she was helped out onto the ice where she took her position and waited for the music. It doesn’t take long for her to steal the crowd’s heart with what she does next.

As the three-year-old glides and spins across the ice, it’s hard not to take your eyes off the adorable little skater. With the help of her teeny tiny skates, Riana leaves the crowd in awe at her incredible talent. Not only is she an amazing skater, but her routine is absolutely heart melting. See the precious toddler for yourself in the video below – she is too cute!