Fireman saves 9-month-old girl from house fire


Years ago, a firefighter named Mike Hughes rescued a 9-month-old Daniel Davison from a fire by pulling her out of her crib. But their story is not over. “When we arrived, a large part of the house was already on fire. Daniel I found in the bedroom, when she curled up, laying in my bed,” says Hughes.

That day, a rescue team arrived at the Davison house. He was on fire. Family members immediately began to pull out of the arms of the flame. But almost at the finish of the operation it became known that the house is still a little girl… Mike didn’t give himself time to think. He immediately ran back into the flames.

The girl curled up and was lying in the corner of the crib. A fireman grabbed her in his arms and, much to the relief of family and colleagues, successfully got out of the house. A few years later, the firefighter wanted to know about the fate of the saved baby. He found it on Facebook and wrote, “I think I pulled you out of the fire when you were very young.”

Starting from that moment, they did not stop communicating, and Mike became the second father for the girl. 17 years after the fire, Danielle called Mike to prom as her Savior and close friend. And he cried, listening to the language of Daniel: “Mike’s Presence at this ceremony is very important to me.

I always cry with happiness when I think things could have been different. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you.”